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Meet, Greet and Pray  Welcome Desk (Stewarding)
7 Jan   Romans 1 vs 1 - 17 'A Message to be Proud of' John Drane Susan Gibson-Smith Janet Bowman & Co.     Graham Ellis Robert and Mima Campbell
14 Jan   Acts 2 vs 41 -47 'The Early Church' John Drane Andy Speirs Joss Reid & Co.     Mary Smith Martin and Barbara Ford
21 Jan   Romans 1:18 - 3:20 'Life Without God is a Mess' Dick Dowsett Jamie Reid Janet Bowman & Co.     Mima Campbell Allan and Elisabeth Grant
28 Jan   Acts 5 vs 1 - 11 'Ananias and Sapphira' Patrick Smith Mhairi Speirs Joss Reid & Co.     Douglas Jack Ian and Moira Robertson
4 Feb   STAUROS Linda McCredie & team Jamie Reid Janet Bowman & Co.     ??? Graham and Lucy Ault
11 Feb   Romans 3:21 - 5:20 Get Real : Start Trusting God' Dick Dowsett Ev Hogarth Joss Reid & Co.     Jamie Reid Ev Hogarth & Janet Nicholls
18 Feb   Acts 6:8 - 7:60 'Stephen Before The Council' Beth Dickson Elaine Kent Janet Bowman & Co.     Andy McNeish Gordon and Fiona McNeish
25 Feb   Romans 6:1 - 8:13 'Learn What We Are Meant To Be' Fiona von Kaehne Andy Speirs Joss Reid & Co.     Andrew Harvey Donald and Ruth Reid
4 Mar   Acts 8 vs 26 - 39  'Philip and the Ethiopian' - MESSY CHURCH Ian Cunningham Young People
11 Mar   Romans 8 vs 14 - 39 'Hang in there: there's a future worth waiting for' Allan Grant Mhairi Speirs Joss Reid & Co.     Dorothy Hayward Douglas and Lorraine Jack
18 Mar   Acts 9 vs 1 - 13 'Paul Chosen' Stuart Mitchell Andrew Harvey Janet Bowman & Co.     Allan Grant Robert and Mima Campbell
25 Mar PALM SUNDAY     Ian Robertson Gaby Reid Joss Reid & Co.     Ian Robertson Helen mcDougall & friend
1 Apr EASTER SUNDAY 'Jesus is Alive' Lynne Harvey & friends   Janet Bowman & Co.     Donald Reid Douglas and Margo Robertson
8 Apr         Ev Hogarth Joss Reid & Co.     Angus McKee Martin and Barbara Ford
15 Apr         Susan Gibson-Smith Janet Bowman & Co.     Ros McMillan Allan and Elisabeth Grant
22 Apr         TBC       Elaine Hain Ian and Moira Robertson
29 Apr   THE REFORMATION Neil Dickson Jamie Reid       Ruth McKee Graham and Lucy Ault
6 May         Elaine Kent       Jim Reedie Ev Hogarth and Janet Nicholls
13 May   TEARFIUND SUNDAY   Graeme McMeekin Mhairi Speirs       Janet Nicholls Gordon and Fiona McNeish
20 May       Iver Martin         Douglas Robertson Donald and Ruth Reid
Ian and Moira Robertson